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I’ve had a year blessedly full of work, but that volume has caused me to let my own blog mostly lie fallow. To make up for this, I’m going to try for a post for every day in December. About just about everything. Funny. Serious. Anything goes. Here is Day 14.

So often I try so hard to be unique, convinced that the only way to make a difference is if I were able to offer something entirely new to the world. But the older I get, the more I see that, really, the best and truest ideas are all very similar at heart.

Detachment is one of those. It’s at the heart of so many types of mental and physical training. Meditation. Cognitive behavioral therapy. Martial arts. 12-step recovery. Et cetera.

When you take a step back from the issue that has you tied up in knots, and look at it with curiosity and detached interest – still caring about it, but no longer drowning in it – it’s always better. You calm down. You regain perspective. You become less defensive. You make better decisions.

These days, everyone wants to shill an online course or a book or a new program or approach. I think most of those people mean well, and often they can be helpful. Sometimes you need to hear things in a particular way in order for them to get through.

But at the heart of it, the thing we really need are quite simple. Like this one.

Three deep breaths. Back up. Try again.


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