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This is just offensive.

Apparently someone under the age of 40 likes G.W. and is advising him on how to be “cool.” He’s getting a blog.

Gag me. Please.

When will people realize that it’s not the technology itself that makes the Internet “cool,” but the idology and individuality and freedom behind it? Reading a 300-word piece that sixteen speechwriters have tweaked for two weeks is not blogging. It’s not interesting, it’s not unique, it’s not personal, it’s not anything.

And I’d be saying this about anyone, so it’s not only my bias against Bush II talking here.

A British MP has a blog, but it’s really him talking about things (actually, after Googling, a bunch of politicians – British, Canadian and American – do). Tom Watson for West Bromwich is the one I was thinking of originally; I heard of him from Stuart Bruce. Tom Watson’s blog is not always fascinating. Sometimes it’s downright dull. But that is the POINT. It’s real. I’d much prefer to hear that you spent the weekend with your mother-in-law than watch you trot out platitudes and slogans.

Yuck. I hate people who don’t even try to “get it.”


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