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Jamie Oliver mentions me!

Well, no, not precisely. But here, from his Web site:

“We did a book signing at Barnes & Noble yesterday, it went really well and it was good to meet all the great people. It makes you realise what a small world it is and that there is nothing more important than cooking a great meal, sitting around and eating with family and friends – sounds really cheesy but it really is!”

So there now. I’m great people, aren’t I?

But, to be fair, that paragraph is immediately followed by:

“Really missing Jools and the girls. I wish she had come with me, she would have really enjoyed it.

Sigh. But that’s okay.

Anyway, this makes last night so very much more interesting:

“I have a funny story. I forgot to pack my boxer shorts so for the last three days I have been free balling, if you do not know what that means, it means wearing no undies. Everytime the soundman wires me up he gets the shock of his life, you never saw anyone walk away so quickly. Not only that, but I forgot my belt so I have tied my trousers up with pieces of kitchen string. Imagine the look of the sound man yesterday who rushed into the sound room to tell the director that I had on a small G string – mistaking the string!!!”


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