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Goody, I’m twelve.

And so, you get another goofy survey-results form from me.

first real kiss: I was 16, he was 18, and it was in his powder-blue Aries K in the parking lot of the Victoria Diner. How New Jersey am I. That anecdote sort of sums up that relationship as a whole.

first job: Babysitter, at 11. I worked the neighborhood. But first real job with an official paycheck was as a cashier in Caldor, ages 15-18. Three years I’ll never, ever get back.

first screen name: Wow, I don’t remember. It was on a BBS, which tells you both how old I am and how I have random flashes of supreme dorkiness.

first self-purchased album: I don’t remember that, either. I know the first tape I had was the California Raisins, but that was a Christmas present along with my red My First Sony walkman.

first funeral: I don’t think I’ve ever been to one. Just wakes.

first pets: I wanted a kitten for Christmas when I was about eight. My parents got Terry. He wasn’t a kitten anymore, and he’d lived in the cage at the pound his whole life, so I had to teach him how to jump up on things. But he was brown and stripy and very nice and lived a very long and spoiled life.

first piercing: My ears. For the first of three times. I only have two sets of holes but the first set had to get re-done. Since, then, I’ve only had one more, and have no future hole-adding plans.

first true love: Davy Jones, Kirk Cameron and Jon Bon Jovi. Again revealing both my age and my New Jersey roots.

first big trip: I know I went to the Olympic stadium in Albany when I was two or three, but just because I’d seen pictures of me there in my tres chic pink bobble hat.

last big car ride: I live out of my car much less than I used to, thank goodness. The last Trip with a capital T was probably the ride down the California coast with The Boy in the convertible this summer. Very stereotypical and very beautiful and lots of fun.

last kiss: Three hours ago. I’m having a really good day.

last good cry: Monday night. I don’t know that I’d term it “good,” but it was effective and cleansing and had a good result, eventually.

last movie seen: League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Pirates of the Caribbean, and a little bit of Finding Nemo. It was a long flight from England. And they were all quite good.

last beverage drank: flavored seltzer.

last food consumed: Oh crap. Busted. A minature Payday candy bar from the basketful in the kitchen at work.

last phone call: Received: The Boy. Made: the eye doctor.

last TV show watched: Oh crap, busted again. The Parkers, on UPN, last night. I only get basic cable and I needed some kind of noise on while I made dinner. I swear.

last shoes worn: Cute brown boots from Nine West, on now.

last CD played: I don’t remember what’s in the car, but Outkast was the soundtrack for the week in England.

Last item bought: a facial, yesterday lunchtime. I’m so girly! And it was so wonderful.

last disappointment: No Hollywood kiss at the airport. Remedied, and ever so much more.

last soda drank: I don’t like soda, so I don’t know.

last ice cream eaten: Vanilla ice cream pop with strawberryish cream coating on the airplane Monday night.

last shirt worn: Light blue J. Crew button-down, on now.


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