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Out of Office Response

Well, I’m out, folks. Don’t expect me to be anywhere near a computer until next Wednesday at the earliest.

(Of course, considering I don’t own one, that’s not as dramatic a statement as it might be under different circumstances.)

Best of luck to the Biscuit in her quest for greatness!



I wasn’t in the rainforest at that time… I was in the town of San Pedro. Not that it wasn’t fairly dorky, but there wasn’t a whole lot to do except stand around in the dust and sweat.


you’re in the fucking rainforest and you have to find a computer?????

and i thought i was a dork

-your bro


I’m at an Internet cafe in San Pedro. La Isla Bonita, and The Boy drags me in to check email.

I’m exaggerating. It was kind of mutual.

Adios a Miercoles….


You are the sweetest. See you when you get back.


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