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Why Conservatives Must Not Vote for Bush

This is a really interesting article. It’s interesting because it’s not one of those left-wing diatribes on oooh how bad Bush is. It compares conservative values and ideology and discusses whether Bush is really supporting them (and, as you can tell from the title, decides he isn’t).

Of course, Salon is left-wing, but the people interviewed in the article aren’t. They’re conservatives – people who don’t like Kerry all that much – but people who are beginning to compare notes and realize that he might be the less bad option.

A statement with which I am in heartfelt “agreeal.”



and you used diatribe…that was my favorite vocabulary word as a child. I would tell my parents their diatribe was annoying me…it never went over very well…

uh yeah…anyway…I’m off to lunch now.


LoL, LoL, LoL…LOL.

Ok, I’m done now. You rock.


Ahhh, we all know how this elections gonna work.
Its pretty much which person is the lesser of the two evils.


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