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Are You a Backyardigan?

Hey, are you home? Me neither. But if you are, go turn on Nickelodeon and look for The Backyardigans. It’s just premiered, it’s extremely cute, it has very fun little songs, and Tyrone the moose happens to be a friend of mine.

Come on, people! He’s a moose! In a stripey shirt! How cute is that?

(Well, I mean, he’s not really a moose. And I’ve never seen him in a stripey shirt. And he isn’t black, either. I think he’s Italian. But little Tyrone is danced by my fiance’s cousin’s boyfriend, a fantastic Alvin Ailey dancer, and such is the magic of TV that if he wants to be a cute little moose he can be. It’s all in the computers somehow. Anyway, it’s very cool.)

Even if you can’t watch it, go post a message about how great the show is. And how Tyrone should definitely get his own spinoff.


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