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Wonkette? Forsooth!

Heavens, no.

I’d hate to be her or Kos or Instapundit or any of their ilk. Anybody who’d read Matthew Klam’s piece in the NYT magazine in September would feel similarly, I’d think.

And I’d hate more for anyone to think I was trying to be that. I’d be unsuccessful, and dull besides. But that is not to say that I don’t think political discussions belong here. They do, inasmuch as anything else does or doesn’t. This place isn’t for anything except what I feel like I’ve got to say; that’s the way it’s always been and that’s how I like it.

I’m not going to give myself genre or topic assignments. I know I wouldn’t stick with them anyway.

Lately it’s been political. Why? I’ve been feeling political. Not because I feel the need to Convert the Masses to My Way of Thinking. Just because I have had politics on my mind.

Y’alls are welcome to agree. Or not. But again, I submit that it’s mildly more intriguing than learning about the intricacies of engagement-party-and-wedding planning… or the joys of grad school… or the depths of 2005 business planning… or even the labyrinth that is Moving Back Home… so consider yourselves welcome for the reprieve.

I will note, in passing, however, that I’ve had an idea for my master’s thesis that makes me happy to no end. And I unofficially even have a mentor for it already, one of the coolest people ever. (Now, to make it through three more classes.)


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