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A Very Merry Christmas?

It seems like it’s endemic this year. Not altogether a lack of Christmas spirit. On the other hand, it seems like people very much want to be in the Christmas spirit. It’s more of an inability of many people I know to quite get there.

It’s been too busy and too much and too rushed lately, and nobody’s quite done the luxurious reveling in the “Christmas is coming!” feeling. And that stinks – because Christmas really isn’t just the day itself, it’s all the wonderful anticipation beforehand. I, for one, feel somehow cheated if I haven’t been able to anticipate properly. And I haven’t. Nor have many.

But that’s not to say that Christmas is spoiled. Not at all. As the Boy reminded me this morning, sometimes it all kicks in even as late as Christmas Eve. And that’s something – not altogether everything, but something very important nonetheless.

So: wishes to you for a wonderful kicking-in of Christmas!



I second that emotion. I’m outta here to go get some of that holiday cheer. Hope you do the same.

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