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What I Did on My Winter Vacation

My two weeks of pre-class blissful repose is… well, very wonderful, but not altogether repose-ful. Turns out that my first class is not the 24th, as I’d planned for, but instead the 19th. And, there’s just lots going on – birthday parties, and planning for my own birthday (in 49 days if you’re counting), and dinners, and scuba-diving lessons, and starting out on this home-buying thing, and planning and meeting for my wedding, and planning for other peoples’ wedding things, and assorted goodness. So good things are afoot.

And there’s all the work busy-ness, which is there too, and good, but plentiful.

Yet I still make time to watch “Lost”, and if I haven’t yet cornered you and told you how good that show is, then you just haven’t seen me lately. Oooooh so good.

Just to gossip a bit, tonight I’m going for dinner tonight at Asia de Cuba, and little ole me is very much excited indeed. Partly because it will be lovely to see friends that I rarely see and are mostly the “email friends” for which The Boy mocks, and partly cause it’s ever so schmancy of a restaurant. I’m excited. But now, work calls.


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