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Hold Me Closer, Tony Danza

I’ve always had a soft spot for Tony Danza. He just seems like a down-to-earth guy with an actual sense of humor.


His talk show gets a call from a college kid in Michigan who picked him as the Italian-American she admires most – she’s doing a presentation for Italian class.

Now, I don’t know that he’d be my first choice. Maybe Madonna. Frank Sinatra. The Barilla pasta guy. I don’t know. But despite the soft spot, probably not Tony Danza. Anyway, whatever. She calls to see if she can get some photos.

What does the Tony Danza Show do? They call the college. And when she goes to give her presentation, he walks in, and sits down to listen to her give her presentation. On him. In Italian. Which he speaks.

That’s fantastic.

And then, to top off the guido festivities – the Midwest must must not have known what hit it – Steve Perillo comes in and gives everybody in the class a trip to Rome.

Just hysterical. I love Tony Danza. And I am definitely going to watch this episode of his show. (May 4, so you can Tivo it.)

(Aside: I even heard “Tiny Dancer” on Sirius this morning. How apropos. Although yes, I’m aware that Elton John isn’t actually singing about Tony Danza.)



Now I can forgive him for replacing the Wayne Brady show.

T.D. rocks!


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