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What, you say? Gesundheit, you say?

You must Konfabulate. You simply must. Even the Journal is feeling the love. It’s sleek and fun like Macs, it works seamlessly with PCs, it’s just so cool.

But what is it, you ask? It’s a program that runs all sorts of tiny programs. It collects all kinds of little programs – weather forecasts, news feeds, wifi signal monitors, dancing penguins, whatever – and manages them all. So it’s neat and organized. And it’s got over 2,000 of the little guys. So it’s prolific. And everything is so darn pretty.

Just trust me, you think I’m being silly right now, you don’t think you need it, but then you will download it just to prove how right you are and how wrong I am, and then you will fidget with your widgets, and then you will be as hooked as I am.

Yup. You’re welcome.


Dustyn Kurt Gobler

I hate to ruin the party, but I’m not a fan of the widget concept. I gave Konfabulator two chances and Apple’s Dashboard a try too.

You may like them now, but in 4 months I doubt you’ll use any of them.



OMG! (This is MikeDriehorst from YPRPs.) I don’t know if I have ADD or not, but if I didn’t, I sure would get it if I d/loaded Konfabulator.

But, definitely a cool program. Will have to check it out some more. (Arrived here via Peter’s PRDifferently blog.)
Will have to visit here more often.
Hope all is well.


So far, my favorites are the picture frame, the weather, the London traffic camera and a clock which I’ve made to look like a pocketwatch. I love it.


Wow, I’m impressed. A Konfabulator reference. I could get very geeky here and talk about my first widget experience with Afterstep for Linux but I won’t. I’m curious. What widgets do you use? You should see my desktop. It has no start bar. It has two Docks, one like the OSX popup dock and another that just drops down. And this fancy little konfabulator widgets make me smile.

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