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I love the story of Sandi Thom.

She trekked around playing gigs for ten years and got sick of it. So she got a webcam, told everyone she knew that she’d be playing nightly online for three weeks, and then did it.

And the key is, she really is good. So by the third week, she had 170,000 people watching her. And two weeks later she signed with RCA.

It’s so cool when you see somebody work new media in a brand new way that makes so much sense, it’s startling.

So yay for Sandi Thom. And I really do like her music, too. She fits into a few of the genres that are popular at the moment – “young singer/songwriter”, “girl with guitar” and “throaty Brit” among others.

(The antithesis – who I have to admit I sort of like too -more “cheesy bubblegum prefab pop” – Girls Aloud.)




This is actually really neat! You should consider posting this story on YPRP in a discussion on how to make new media work for you.


I love Sandi Thom!

‘I wish I Was A Punk Rocker’ – Excellent song!

I’m all about the Brits…Their artists are a lot more interesting lately 🙂

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