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Getting into the Spirit (ha, ha) of Halloween

I usually don’t make too much out of it as a holiday. Except for 2004, when I spent it in an inflatable bra with 80,000 UNC fans on Franklin Street during a football riot. That was pretty great. The night progressed from driving around in a school bus to driving around in a limo… but how that happened is foggy. It was a great Halloween, though.

But Karen‘s birthday dinner this weekend got me into the Halloween mood. So, in case you are, too, or want to get into it, I present three Halloween ideas. One of them is good. And two are very, very bad.

First up is a stupid easy recipe for pumpkin muffins. A golden retriever could make these. Mix one can of pumpkin and one box of cake mix, dollop into muffin papers, and bake. That’s it. Spice cake mix is particularly good. Yum. (He could make them, but he’d probably eat them all and the muffin papers too. But I digress.)

If baking isn’t your thing, perhaps you could try some fun Halloween crafts. You may also wish to check out their ideas for other holidays. There are some really unique gift ideas.

But if you just want to dress up, may I offer a place to buy one really spectacular Halloween costume idea. I can just about guarantee that you would not find anyone else in it. Ideally, anyway.

See, I told you two were bad.

Just go find an inflatable bra, make some muffins, and try to forget the rest.


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