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Happy Thanksgiving

You know how some people will say, “I’ve had A Day”? Meaning not exactly that it’s been really long, or really busy, or really bad, or really great, or really stressful, or really tiring … but just that it’s been enough of a variety of all those things to just take a lot out of you?

Maybe I’m the only one who says that. But you understand. And so, yeah. It would be safe to say that I’ve been having A Year. If you know me, you understand the truth of that. I’d prefer not to explain further.

It’s hard doing this, sometimes. There’s always plenty to talk about. But there’s not always plenty to talk that can be both interesting and appropriate for all the different people who read this. It’s a delicate balance, and one that I haven’t always managed the right way.

Anyway, given how it’s been this year, there are certainly some things for which I’m not so very thankful. Life’s never entirely perfect, is it?

But those things are, always, far outweighed by the many ways in which I am exceedingly, embarrassingly, especially fortunate. I’m healthy, safe, comfortable … all that. But most important way is the people that I’m lucky enough to have in my life.

I have a thoroughly random collection of people towards which I feel, on some level, close. Many have no connection to each other. And they’re talented, and clever, and impress me unendingly.

But more importantly, this year in particular, I have been able to really see how amazing you are, not as being anything but just you. I have needed a lot this year, and I am humbled and grateful every single day that I have the friends and family that I do.

So: happy Thanksgiving. This is me giving thanks, on so many levels, for you.


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