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Weekly Roundup: Supersized, with Extra Editorializing

The Definitive 1,000 Songs of All Time, 1955-2005. I don’t know why you’d go to the bother of sorting and counting. Frankly, I wouldn’t go to the bother of reading it. But the sheer size of the project is pretty impressive. (Seems to have pop-ups, though, even on Firefox. Yuck.)

Vazaar. Social photography, sort of? Like Flickr, but with critiques, and members-only. Mike might like it. Not one of my new favorites, but again, I can see how people might get into it.

Relatedly, let me know if you find a photography class. Something that would teach you how to use all the manual controls on a prosumer digital SLR. I’ve been looking and calling and finding nothing.

I Got a Crush… on Obama“. (I, too, kinda have a crush on him.) Fascinating to see how user-created media will affect the election. Because they will. Blogs, Youtube, Facebook – they will shape the under-30 voter opinion. Because we trust each other more than mainstream media. (And candidates are catching on.) The question is, will we actually vote? I hope so. As that article says, by 2015 Gen Y (1977-1994) will be 1/3 of the electorate. Wouldn’t it be cool if we used all that power?

One Hour No Power. Speaking of power and campaign issues. Noon on July 1. It’s so little. But it makes you think.

Tickle. If you need to fill your day. (Karen.) Lots, and lots, and lots, of quizzes. (I’m a “Cultural Traveler,” it’s “Puppy Love,” and my true talent is “Verbal Ability.”)

The Impossible Quiz. If you really need to fill your day. Thanks to Tracy, I got to 40 before my brain started to melt out my ears. (Damn. Now I’m sucked in again. This time I got to 63.)

Where Daft Punk Got Their Samples From. Fun. If you like them.

Unazukin. I want one. It’s a Magic 8 Ball and a Russian nesting doll all in one.

Nabaztag . Similar, but I don’t get it at all. Peter? Can you explain?

Facebook. Seems to be becoming the new Myspace like Myspace became the new Friendster? At what point will I tip and move over? And where do Orkut or Bebo fit in?

Trojan “Evolve” ad. Love it. And because I’ll get whined at if I don’t, here.

Groove Armada feat. Mutya Buena, “Out of Control (Song for Mutya).” Love it.



Apparently the pop up has been a issue, someone has tracked it to a site called webstats4u, as soon as i can confirm it is them then the pop up is gone, i hate fragging popups like everyone else, just dont seem to have the same problem in IE7. As for you reading it, thats a shame, becuase your more than welcome to read it at your leisure, but thanks all the same for the plug… crowbarred


Bought a Nabaztag a few months ago. It’s not ready for prime time yet. Mostly, mine sits in a corner, alerting me to the time and whether or not the market is up. Even the cats got bored with it.

Give it a few more months.

Oh, and I’ll teach you the basics of your prosumer (annoying word) camera in 2 hours.

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