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Quick Update

I am going to Vienna and Prague and Montpellier (with two quick stops in Paris) and then to Erin’s wedding in Maine and all this after two weeks living at Diana’s beautiful house and being in Kristin’s wedding and right now Tracy is in England on a Harley and while I am gone Matt is going to Newport to be Maverick and

Well, basically, I’m basically a mess over all of it. Most of it’s emotionally hard, not actually bad, I promise. The work travel is with someone I’m having difficulties with. I miss my T. And Matt leaving makes me want to cry kind of a lot.

It’s just a lot going on for me to handle at once. But then Erin (not the wedding one – one of my four Erins) is prancing onto a plane Friday for a last-minute trip to New Zealand with a pop-in to Australia – and she’s not even blinking.

I want to be her when I grow up.

At least the Yankees won last night, right, Jon?


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