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Heigh Ho, Heigh Ho Ho Ho

I realized tonight while lugging a box out of the FedEx distribution center and overhearing a conversation – that sometimes I get so concerned with how much I am doing that we forget that everybody ELSE is probably doing just as much.

Think about how often you hear people complain that they’re working late or coming in early or picking up extra shifts or traveling or whatever. Yeah, maybe that’s only because they’re complaining, and maybe that’s not so great, but they are doing all of that.

It’s really pretty amazing, if you think about it, how much we all do. At work, I guess, mostly, but for each other too, really. We know how much we do ourselves, so sometimes it’s probably easier to pay more attention to that than anything else.

But we should give each other more credit, I think.

And also, maybe we should all try doing a little bit less of it, at least for the next few weeks. If you spend all your time working and driving and shopping and wrapping and writing and baking and decorating… and not enjoying and being really quiet and just being there… it does miss the point, doesn’t it?

Christmas sounds like snow falling. Listen for it.



Just last night I was lying in bed, working myself into my usual tizzy about decorating and baking and shopping. Then I heard Kris snoring away right next to me and I relaxed. Because he would tell me to only do the amount of stuff that will not make me stressed. And the boy is right.

Can’t wait for baking on Sunday. Yay!


Jon Says:

I’ll be sure to forward this to my supervisor for comment. I expect his reaction to be jolly laughter, followed by the expression “Have you finished that report I asked you for last night at 11 PM yet?”.

Looking forward to the holidays…


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