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Weekly Roundup: Wanna Be on Top?

I may possibly have watched just about all of Cycle 8 of America’s Next Top Model.

I can’t move without popping a hip, I’m smiling with my eyes, and am seriously considering a pixie cut.

I wonder if the damage is permanent.

So no links for you this Sunday, just some chitchat. Because my brain is mush. Partly because of Tyra – seriously, though, I love her so much – but also because I’m straightup sleepy. It’s been a great weekend (ending with a morning with Kerrin today and my very first bacon-egg-and-cheese bagel).

For starters, I got to see a great big bunch of friends that I never get to see enough. It was, in a word – if an overused word – “delightful”. A group of the coolest, most impressive people I know, just hysterical and chill and fun.

I hate that I’m on the wrong side of the state from Manhattan, but times like this weekend remind me how much the trip is worth it.

Saturday I got up early and got an awful lot done right away. When a day starts off like that, you know it’s going to be good. The weather was gorgeous – finally spring. (Even if it’s gone again today and I’m freezing. Sigh.) And my father and his fiancee have begun moving his stuff out of what will be (in six weeks OH MY GOD) my condo. Which realization makes me want to shriek and jump up and down in a very not at all mature enough to be a homeowner way.

And then I went out to get the mail and didn’t make it back inside for the rest of the day, because I ended up laughing myself silly on the lawn with my neighbors. Delicious rum concoctions were involved. And two enthusiastic entrepreneurs made at ten dollars washing cars while making disapproving comments about how goofy the adults were being.

(So my car is clean, too. Mostly. They aren’t tall enough yet to get the roof, but what do you want for $2?)

It’s exciting to realize that the house might really be going to belong to me, and to be reminded how nice my little street is. I complain that it’s far away from a lot of the things and people I love, and that’s true, but there is a lot that’s great too. I can’t wait to start making it my own.

I’m terrified that I’ve written that whole paragraph, because I’m scared of jinxing something. Also, I’m afraid that I’m being horrifically girly in my nesting and gushing. So I’ll stop. Tired and happy and just – looking forward to things.



The lack of bacon-egg-and-cheese bagels is more to do with my mother’s health-food interests; my dad was never particularly involved feeding us.

And Tyra is not crazy. She’s fierce, dammit. But no, no pixie here.

Did I ever tell the story about my favorite radio show – done by a gay and a lesbian – and hearing a commercial that started with a man speaking slowly, saying,

“Are you a homo…


I still snicker inside when I hear the word “homeowner”.


Miss Tyra is CRAZY! Don’t do a pixie cut, it would be bad.

You’d never had a bacon egg and cheese bagel?!?! Your father did a terrible job of raising you.

I’m glad you had such a nice weekend, it sounds lovely.

And yes. You are going to be a homeowner. You can stop pinching yourself, it’s true. And be as giddy as you wanna be. That’s the point, it’s your house. You can do whatever you want there. 🙂

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