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Saturday Afternoon Geek-Out: BuzzLogic

(Via KD Paine, via Shel Israel)

BuzzLogic is fantastically cool to me. What Biz360 and Cymphony started 5-10 years ago for media monitoring… this is the next logical step from that. Those companies went beyond “how many mentions of your term are in an article, and how many readers did that article have “to “what did the article say about your term and what did they mean”. Now, this is trying to tell you not just what bloggers are saying about your topic, but how much each blogger matters in relation to the others. And therefore, which ones you need to talk to. Which is not 100% of the point of media monitoring, but pretty close.

The thing I really love about this, though, is that they’re working with the realization that the most influential people on one topic are not necessarily influencers on any other issue.

This is super obvious to anyone who reads blogs. You’re not going to go to Perez for tech news, and you’re not going to Gizmodo to see what’s up with celebrities. (Oooh, happy birthday, David! But I digress….)

So it’s intuitive, but in terms of how media measurement has always functioned, it’s groundbreaking. Because if you took an old-school approach, all you’d be able to do is compare two sets of numbers – site statistics – which represented reader populations that had absolutely nothing to do with each other. It wouldn’t tell you which people were important to reach at all. Useless.

But here, you see which people are the influencers. That’s pretty huge.

Publicis is using them – no surprise there – and I must admit I’m jealous. The drawback of working for a small agency is not having access to fancy megabucks vendors. But we’ve figured out how to do Biz360 work on a shoestring in-house. We’ll just have to figure out how to approximate this, too.



Is this right time to talk?

Nick Papandria

There is similar technology used by my company, Zeta Interactive, called Relevant Noise. It does alot of what you’re talking about – tone of the article, influence of the blogger and quite a bit more. if you’re interested, check it out.

Todd Parsons

Thanks for the great post Sarah! It’s thinking like yours that inspires us, and we’d love to work (and geek-out) with you.

I’ll find a way to get in touch with you this week!

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