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For the last week, I’ve been moving, hiking, boxing, sparring, flying, baking, researching, budgeting, shopping, pitching, crying, theorizing. Work is busy, the home purchase is ongoing, and The Summer of Outdoor Weekends is going swimmingly. (A wine festival, two 5Ks, and two state parks in the last six weeks.)

The thing is, busy and outdoorsy are neither particularly conducive to blogging. So, in apology, I offer two videos (and three Matts).

The first, more just plain silly, is James Blunt on “Top Gear.” He can drive a tank and he put his sister on eBay: what’s not to love? And on the best show ever. Of course it’s good: Matt was the one who told me I’d love it. Matt, who passed his check ride

And the second, more seriously and truly wonderful, “Where the Hell Is Matt”‘s latest installment. As I said to Peter, this is the kind of thing that makes me love that I live at this point in history. That’s a melodramatic sort of thing to say, but I do mean it. To be able to see that people are people all the world over, and you don’t need a common language or nationality to connect. Joy is joy, whatever end of the planet you’re on. And to see someone get that – share that – teach that – bring people together for that – is pretty fantastic.

(If you’re keeping count, my third Matt is to ask Matt whether this might be good for your class, somehow? It’s just so cool that I want it to fit.)


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