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Weekly Roundup: Little Known Facts About Sarah*

* Me, not Sarah Palin .

And by “little known” I mean that I didn’t know any of them till this weekend either.

An enlightening weekend, all told. Stay tuned for this week’s learnings, which may include:

The suspense is palpable.



A co-worker of mine used to make me a tater tot hotdish on my anniversary as a Minnesotan every year. I love tater tot hot dish.

Cross fit freaks me out a bit, but I really want to try it.


I had the Pacino / DeNiro problem when I was younger but then one day POW! They both came over to my house and beat me up in such different styles that I will forever be able to tellt hem apart.


mmm, casserole! what kind?

i too cannot keep DeNiro and Pacino straight. I thought I was the only person unable to do this. i feel much less alone now!

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