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Everyone needs a Plan B in this economy. What will you do if you have to find something new?

Well, I’m all set with mine, and I’m calling dibs on it right here.

I’m filling a backpack with power strips, going to the airport, and renting them. Five dollars per hour per outlet, cash only, one hour minimum.

I’ve even got a name. I’ll be The Power Stripper.

And I’ll franchise around the world.

Yup. I’ll give you a moment to recover from the genius of it all. I know you need it.

However, Matt sent me a link that shows me that my original idea for wireless power may actually happen. eCoupled technology is talking about what I was talking about.

Although, as the Chicago Tribune points out, the concept of zapping massive amounts of energy through the air – and, therefore, through you – is, when you think about it, exponentially scarier than cell phones frying your brain and all those fears.

So I think my Plan B is safe for now. Thank goodness.


Andy Aldridge

Damn. My plan was to rig up an exercise bike to a small generator and then sell access to the power strips. It’s cleanly generated energy and I could get into shape doing it. I was going to be the power pedaler.

Your idea is much easier!


i was going to sell quart-sized plastic ziploc bags. i think i’d make a killing!

Miss Britt

I’m going to sell Internet Porn.

I mean, you know, if I HAVE to.

Megan B

I think you should change your rate to $10/30 minutes. Gotta pack ’em in. How could you possibly sustain your lavish lifestyle on only $5/hour? 😉

Josh S.

Wow. That’s really good. Much better than my short-lived bottled water smuggling operation.

Andrew G

Nice. But I’d settle for a BlackBerry that can plug directly into the outlet.

Brad P. from NJ

Intriguing title… nice twist… good business plan B… IMHO

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