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I’m giving thanks this year for health, for family, for friends, for all the blessings that humble me every day.

Not least of which is that I can express myself and have people care about it, and I can’t begin to tell you what that means.

Here’s a great post about Thanksgiving that I found through Britt (whom knowing is one of my many blessings).

But while I am grateful for so much, I continue to pray, very, very hard, for Tracy. I know religion isn’t for everyone, but if you believe, whatever you believe, please think of her and her family. They are fighting so hard right now, and they need all of it – love, prayers, karma, positive energy.

Wishing you a happy day spent with the people that you are lucky enough to get to love.


Miss Britt

I know this post isn’t about me

and is like a week old

but I just got to it in the feed reader and caught that fragment about me and got an immediate lump in my throat.

Wow. Thank you.


happy thanksgiving to you to…. 😀

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