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So What Have YOU Been Up to, Then?

Emptying my inbox and clearing out my old files.

Noticing that I’m 10 away from 1,000 posts and 10 away from 2,000 Tweets.

Falling desperately in love with the Netflix Matt got me for Christmas.

Taking Gregory‘s advice and taking these second five days in a row as a second chance to relax.

Spending a lot of time with family.

Trying to balance.

Neglecting things terribly around here.

Realizing that’s probably a very good thing.

(Happy New Year!)



Cooking lots of things and losing an epic battle against cleanliness in my kitchen.

Freaking out that the house is on the market.

Spending lots of time with Kris and with my family.

NOT working at the bookstore anymore.


If you like Netflix, check out Roku. I don’t know anyone that has one yet but it looks really cool!

Hula Doula

Happy New Year!!!

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