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@ beth – I had a similar experience, granted it was a long time ago, but it still happens now. Just today a coworker started insulting my birthplace, western PA, and when I called him on it as a proud Pittsburgher, he backpedaled “Oh, well THAT’s a city, it’s different. I mean places like Altoona. Ugh.”

Re #1: You think so? I mean, I think all your other friends look like grownups, but this babyface mug of mine sometimes gives me a little difficulty in that area (and I ain’t complainin’ 🙂

When I read #1 I thought, yeah, me too, but I was thinking more metaphorically and less physically. Like, their lives are the lives of grown-ups. Which is a pretty lovely thought. Especially as we’re all at or pushing 30 around here and if we didn’t look like grown-ups (in that way), it would be a bit sad.


on items 2 and 3…

I wholeheartedly agree with item 2, and I would add my experience that people from north Jersey are nearly as insular. When I moved there from Ohio, nobody had any clue what or where Ohio was. The response was: Iowa? Idaho? Hawaii? (No, OHIO.) Don’t they only have cornfields there? (Yes there are cornfields but we have a lot more than just farms!) Have you ever seen a city? (Um, plenty. And where I come from, there’s more than one “city.”) It was awful.

Item number 3 – my all-time favorite Springsteen song. Thanks!

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