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I Need Your Help!

[Republished to add this update: I’ve gotten a matching funds donor. If I can get $400 in donations in the next 7 days, they’ll match. Please, please help!]

Because I’ve worked at the same place for six years I get a six-week sabbatical this year – probably the only time I’ll ever get this chance. I’ve been hoping to use it to go someplace to volunteer – to try to do something useful for somebody.

The fantastic Lisa Thomas-Tench of Redwerks is not only a wonderful designer, but also the former director of international service learning at the University of British Columbia, and she’s helped me navigate the maze of volunteer programs to dodge those demanding huge sums for themselves and find one where what I’m good at can really help efficiently.

My plan is to spend three weeks in May at the Hellenic Foundation for Youth and Volunteering, creating English materials for the Fiskardo Environmental Museum in Kefalonia, Greece and helping their nonprofit educate travelers. It’s using my limited talents to help people do something useful and important.

The museum waived their volunteer fees for me because I’ve got skills they need. But I need you, too. Can you please help?

If you can’t or don’t want to, I completely understand, and just hope this hasn’t offended anybody. But if you felt like it was worth it, even a dollar would help, and I’ll work my hardest to make sure it would be worthwhile .


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Sarah Morgan

People, you are amazing me. I don’t know what to say. Well, I do. Thank you, thank you, thank you. But besides that, I’m just too grateful to talk.


Good luck!!! I hope you have an amazing time πŸ™‚


Good luck Sarah! Working in another country really does give you a different perspective. Very different from just visiting a place! You’ll love it.


What the hell people? Get out your credit cards and make with the giving.


Sabbatical- I have dreams of taking one. Wonder if I’ll ever get the chance.


Brat??? Brat you say? Notice…. 1 contributor…..I wonder.

Who’s the brat now πŸ˜›

Miss Britt

Wow! That’s amazing!

Sarah Morgan

Brat. You of all people know how long I’ve been working on figuring this out.

Jet pilot or not, you’re still my little brother. Don’t make me beat you up.


Way to cash in on the Times article. πŸ˜›

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