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Cookie Offer!

Less than a day into the matching-funds week, and already halfway to goal! The current total is $270 out of $400.

But I’ve had an idea! Donate $25, get a dozen cookies. (Everybody who’s donated already gets them too.) Decorated sugar, chocolate-chip or oatmeal, your choice.

And I promise you, they’re pretty spectacular. Kerrin and I have been creating cookies for a couple of years as Two Smart Cookies and we’ve gotten raves. We charge $60 per batch normally.

So – feeling snackish? Here’s where you donate!

(What’s this all about? See the original post here.)

Thank you, as ever, for anything you can do.


Sarah Morgan

You get all the credit you want. Oatmeal with applesauce it is. No raisins.

But it’s not over the top yet. The matching week is only allowed to count toward the $400 from when the matching offer came in – not before. So that’s still $20 short of $400!


Looks like you’re over the top and then some.
Just so you know, I will be taking all of the credit since no one else gave before I posted your link on Facebook. Oatmeal with applesauce for me, thanks.


BTW, have fun in Greece.

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