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First Impressions

The Philadelphia Museum of Art has the biggest collection of Cezanne in the world till the end of May… and they have an exhibit of Matisse and the Riviera at the same time.

I can go Saturday 25th April or Sunday 31st May… and I very much plan to. But, it’d be more fun not alone.

I figured it’d be better to just put it out here because, well, not everybody’s an Impressionist geek, and I didn’t want to make anyone feel bad for not actually wanting to go.

Because, you know, otherwise I’d be going alooooone, sniffle sniffle. Alllll alooooooone….


If you would really like to go, let me know.


Sarah Morgan

So, okay, I’m going on the 31st of May.
(And would still be happy for company!)


MMmmmmm…. maybe us? Let’s talk about it this weekend.

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