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mistaken identity

Mistaken Identity: Episodes 114-124

In which Other Me’s around the world:

They also learn about the dashed internship hopes of their sons? husbands? boyfriends?  Or at least they would, if their email were going to them and not me.

From: Michael
To: Other Me, Nick
You just wrote words I dared not write. I was talking about the [redacted] job with your mother and mentioned that it would be nice if the job allowed the editing to take place in [redacted]. That’s why I asked you the question. I was thinking that it would be a shame if your new life were to be so disturbed. Great minds.
What time Monday? I’m doing some new business stuff up the road but will be back at reasonable hour.

From: Nick
To: Other Me, Michael
So I ended up getting neither job! Perhaps I canceled each one out thinking about it. But I felt immediate relief when I heard that I didn’t get the STA Travel job, because I realized right then that I don’t want to go anywhere. I want to be here, in [redacted], and give it a shot here. Build up my freelance business, make connections, be with my friends. I don’t want to leave again, right when I said I was going to stay. I want to spend the summer here, go to Burning Man [ed. note: bwahahahaha], live with Chris, have family dinner with friends on Sunday. I don’t want to be out in the world like that for awhile [ed. note: yeah, none of us do, kid]. This is good – just like I wanted it. The other jobs were such great opportunities that I would have had to take them – even though I really wanted to just experience [redacted. also, boo hoo, poor you.].
So it all works out for a reason. I will see y’all on Monday afternoon. Can someone come get me from the train station?

From: STA Travel
Subject: 09 Interns Announced | Air tickets giveaway!
To: Nick
The 2009 World Traveler Interns are…
Chris Danner and Lindsay Clark. Congrats!
And congrats to our 1st and 2nd runners up: Kelly Doyle Macie and Brandon Widener

– – –

That’s all for now. Hope you’re having a lovely weekend!

(No, of course I have no idea who this man is.)


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