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44 Days Later….

I’m back at work for the first day in six weeks, going through around two thousand emails.

(In passing, it’s amazing how many emails can be deleted, isn’t it?)

And I’m taking stock, a bit, of how May went.

It absolutely wasn’t the sabbatical that I had planned. And it wasn’t even the sabbatical that I had wanted. But it was absolutely the one I needed.

As cliched as this expression is, it was a wonderful look at what matters most. I got to spend time with people I love and see what I really care about. It was centering and peaceful and relaxing and wonderful.

I’m so blessed to have had it.

Now the trick is to make it worthwhile by keeping what I’ve learned.

But if you’ll excuse me, I have a work day to remember how to work through.(Peacefully, if possible.)


Neil Crump

Taking extended time out from work is a great thing.

About six years ago I took three months off working between jobs. I travelled around Thailand by myself, ending up in India where I met up with friends. The first week in Thailand I actually didn’t speak to anyone for six days (other than ordering food and drinks). It was such a liberating experience (especially for a PR person that talks a lot).

It was such a great experience just to chill, think and ponder the direction of my life .

So good to take some time out.

It really is amazing how many emails can be deleted. It is such a freeing feeling to press delete!

I am so glad we got the chance to hang out during your sabbatical. You definitely seemed relaxed and refreshed… I think we should be more like Europe and encourage more time off from work. Good for the soul!


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