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What’s the Point of Twitter?

Demonstrated by one conversation and described in one word.

Peter Sagal (NPR host): Another day, another Red Carpet Club, another shocking number of bananas stuffed into my bag.

United Airlines: @petersagal Put the bananas down and step away from the Red Carpet Club. We have been on to you for weeks. Does NPR not feed you?

Sagal: @unitedairlines They don’t… all of us have to go out and hunt/gather food for the NPR commissary. Lst wk, Totenberg killed a deer w/ pen.

Love it. How can you not?

So that’s the conversation. Your one word?


Twitter works because it allows us to remember that behind every computer and every corporation we’re all just us. We want to be silly. We want to connect. We want to be ourselves.

And the funny thing is, when we do that, we can become more successful than we ever could trying to be “corporate”.

(Original tweets here, here and here. Via Upgrade.)



Sarah: I love your take on the beauty of Twitter. “Human.” So many people complain about the “mundane things” people tweet about, but those mundane things allow us to get to know each other.

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