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Mistaken Identity: Now We’ve Gone Too Far

I have put up with many, many cases of getting email meant for other people with my name. 168 cases, at last count, to be precise. (And it happens in real life, too, btw.) That’s all good and kind of funny.


Sometime in the last week, an Other Me has gotten on Twitter.

@stacywoof , @quantick and @manyfaced_nitro – I haven’t said the things you’re retweeting or the questions you’re answering. I haven’t been to the zoo. I haven’t said sarcastic things about pedophilia related to recent celebrity deaths.

It feels like a line has been crossed. It’s one thing when people want to tell Other Me things. But when people are acting like I’ve said things I haven’t – well, it’s making me grumpy.


Amy Bennett

There are very, very few with my maiden name but now that I am Amy Bennett I get this same thing. There are tons of us! There are two of us at work and the “Amy Bennett” is always getting my emails since I’m “Amy J Bennett” in the directory. I always feel bad for her!

Just this weekend I got 7 emails in a row of some random person’s house. I emailed them and they confirmed they emailed the wrong Amy Bennett.

Thankfully I haven’t been blamed for saying things I haven’t so I’m sorry you are 🙁

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