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mistaken identity

Mistaken Identity: Episodes 183-185

John wants Other Me to join Facebook so she can check out his Facebook pictures, and Peter of the 521 friends has invited Other Me, too. Girl, get on the ball: there are already hundreds of us there. You may literally be the last Other Me on earth not on Facebook!

* * *
From: Roger from Deloitte
Subject: Non Linear Editing Ltd Pension
Cc: Lee, Matthew


My apologies for not coming back to you sooner but I thought that this had already been resolved. Unfortunately I am unaware of any outstanding contributions due to Friends Provident.

I spoke to Friends Provident in December 2007 and received written confirmation that there were no unpaid contributions. In December 2007 a payroll was run for retained staff but no pensions contributions were deducted.

In this event I regret I am unable to offer any suggestions as to why there would be one months unpaid contributions. If you are aware of any specific dates and contributions values regarding yourself please advise me so that I may look into it on your behalf.



* * *

From: Elliott
Subject: childbirth class
Cc: Rob and Pauline, Monty and J, Jennifer and R

Please ‘reply all’ and let us know when you can attend a childbirth class next week.
We will meet on Thursday, as usual, unless we can find an alternate date that works for everyone.
I will be away until Sunday evening and hope to have your replies by that time.
Enjoy the weekend,


I’ll just let you imagine the “reply all” conversation that ensued.


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