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The Matt Hall Questions: More on Twitter

What’s this all about? Who’s Matt Hall? Go see the first one, on blogging. Then the second one, on Twitter.

The metaphor for Twitter that keeps me sane is a river. I can stand by it and stay fascinated all day long, but if I refuse to take my eyes off it I won’t accomplish anything. I’d be boring, unemployed, and I wouldn’t have anything to Tweet about anyway. So I’ve come to terms – and for those of us who are Type A, this is difficult – with the knowledge that I’m going to miss stuff. In fact, I’m only going to see a small percentage of what the people I’m following are saying.

I could fix this by following fewer people. The problem is that people are so darned fascinating that this doesn’t work. But my happy-medium number is about 300. Any more and the river is bursting its banks, so it’s not even fun to come by and dip into. It creeps up from time to time as I find new people so I have to pare back periodically.

I also like to keep tabs on who’s following me. I get an email every time I get a new one and I at least like to scan the names. (Although this is way overdue – it’s been months since I’ve done that.)


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