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Follow Friday: 37 Days

If you have missed the ongoing girl-crush I have on the amazing Patti Digh, then you have not been paying attention.

I want Patti to be my auntie or my awesome neighbor or my totally cool big sister. The person who would always say exactly the right thing and make you realize what you haven’t been thinking about and totally should have been. The one who tells you your crazy ideas aren’t crazy. (Also, and totally unrelatedly and completely hypothetically, the person who’ll go with you to dye your hair pink.)

She’s the one you want to grow up into if you ever manage to grow up.

To say that you should be reading 37 Days is a bit of an understatement. You should be living 37 Days.

Here are three essays that I’m turning over and over in my brain lately.

I love your hair. Every now and then, say the things you usually leave unsaid, and see how it lights up the world of the recipient.

Squeeze in. I am wrestling with this essay. I am noticing how much it throws at me that I’m not immediately comfortable with. Being present. Not having to fix anything. Stretching out of my comfort zone. Erasing boundaries. It is draining, but I can see the truth I need to get to and can’t quite reach yet.

Channel your inner halfathoner. I’ve just started looking for mine. I think a red t-shirt and a blue tongue will help.


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