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Sunday Roundup: Travel Necessities

I’ve been on enough trips to figure out what works best for me. Here’s the list:

And the stuff I always try to convince myself to bring, but never actually should:

Now. What’s your one travel must?


Sarah Morgan

Peter, I have to ask: Mac or PC?

Peter Justason

I now pretty much travel with my laptop on just about every trip. Free WiFi is available at most urban locations and hotel and that allows me to access information about where I am, get recommendations and update my blogs as find new places to eat at.

I also always travel with a corkscrew for wine in the room or on a picnic outing.

Sleep pants for relaxing.

BTW – I am working on getting my “tiny” underware into the toes of the shoes but it’s not working well for me. LOL

Love your blog.

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