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Favorite Things: June

Celebrations for small people. This month has been full of them – birthdays and births and baby showers and just getting together for the fun of it. Lovely.

Project Gutenberg audiobooks. I’ve known about Project Gutenberg for years but I hadn’t realized it included audiobooks as well. This is making my commute fabulous.

The World Cup. Despite the vuvuzela. If you are not sure why, check out Kickette. The sound might not always be great but the view usually is.

The vuvuzela. Despite its sound. Because it inspired this quote.

“Anyone who brings a vuvuzela to an NHL game will be killed, cryogenically frozen until they can be brought back to life, then killed again.”

(The media claim it was an NHL spokesperson but best source I can find is this Twitter feed, unaffiliated with the NHL. Regardless. Awesome.)

What’s making your June?


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