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Favorite Things: August

Secret: August and November are the months of which I am most suspect. The weather is usually not delightful – appallingly hot in August, altogether dour in November. But that way they surprise me whenever they’re nice. And I’m holding out high hopes for this August. (It can’t very well be hotter than July, because then I’ll just combust.) And there’s good things afoot.

Sharing. Those people were right when we were little. It’s a nice feeling to take things you’re not using and pass them on to people who’ll appreciate them.

Getting Things Done. Not in the official David Allen GTD sense. Just being able to check things off and say that you’ve accomplished that task. It’s another one of those nice feelings.

Not Getting Anything Done. Being productive is lovely and all, but it’s summer. And the point of summer is to give you days where you blow everything off and do something involving sunshine and fresh air and people who make you laugh.

Cooking. Who’d’ve guessed? I’m collecting recipes and planning meals and using things like food processors. I really might be in danger of becoming one of you crazy cheffy people.

Medjool dates. Why yes I am eating one as I’m writing this.


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