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Do you notice that people who spend time together get certain common speech patterns and expressions?

And once you notice that, does it become the ONLY thing that you hear?

Once I pick up on these, I’m fascinated. But I’m also a parrot, so I have to force myself not to pick it up myself.

The most recent one is starting all my sentences with “So,”. It’s funny, because I’m used to hearing it in uptalk, but it’s by itself here.

(So, it’s at least good that every sentence doesn’t turn into a question at the end? But still.)

So, that’s what I keep hearing, and keep finding myself doing.

So, I keep trying to stop myself.

So, you can see how well that’s working.



So I also suffer from this and notice it like a flashing light in emails I write. I’ve been working on trying to speak better and also not parrot as it’s my natural instinct. Even if I start it making fun of someone (I did this with the first friend I heard use ginormous), eventually I catch myself using the offending phrase or word. Ack!


I am SO bad at this. I pick up people’s expressions all the time!

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