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Pencil It In

You know how they say that to get anything done you have to schedule time for it? I find that true in the daily sense – fitting in exercise appointments during the days and weeks – but also in the bigger, year-long sense.

See, I’ll plunk along merrily, but to push myself, I need goals, external ones, to get me to move beyond where I am. I am much more likely to disappoint myself than to disappoint you, and I try to exploit that.It’s a delicate thing, though. I have a tendency to overcommit, so I have to make sure I’m not promising myself into craziness.

Here’s what the rest of 2011 looks like, so far, in terms of my external exercise plans. I think I’m full up, don’t you?

In April and May, I’ve signed up for boot camp. Three times a week, 5-6 a.m., for four weeks. I did something similar a couple of years ago and… well, it was awful early. But I survived, and this is with friends who already know what I’m like when I’m tired, so I’m looking forward to it.

May through November, I’m doing Hikoga – monthly hikes that wind up with yoga. There is nothing more peaceful than yoga out in the sunshine with the big blue sky spread out above you. It’s amazing. Even when the vultures start circling because they’re mistaking you for lunch. Circle of life, and all that, right?

In May I hope to compete at the American Athletic Union state championships for tae kwon do. I’m training for it now, with my goal being not to be an embarrassment to my instructors. Goals will be raised as my progress merits. We shall see.

In June I’m doing the Warrior Dash. Why yes, it does look filthy and insane, thank you for noticing.

September and October are the Conquer the Mountain 5K and the black-belt test and banquet, and all of the prep that goes into that. And by prep I mean fear. Ugh, performing in public. But I want a belt with my name on it and some symbols in Korean besides, and I know what-all that takes.


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