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mistaken identity

Mistaken Identity: Episodes 581-588

There are so many Other Me’s that it can be hard to find myself in the mix. But here’s what we’ve learned about them this week.

* * *

One of the UK Other Me’s is expecting! Aw, congrats! And I hope the dad’s name is George, because that’s the password on her maternity-clothing-store account.

* * *

Also in UK Other Me news, the lawyers are working on the amendments to the lease extension. Isn’t it a sweet house?

I don't live here.

* * *

Coach purses. I like them too, but I’m not the one who signed me up for emails from them.

* * *

It’s official, because her sister Allison’s confirmed it: John and Amy are coming to Other Me’s birthday party this Saturday night!

* * *

She’s not my grandma, but I tried to help her anyway, because, well, oh dear…

Subject: what is…

Hey Sara – what is the strange email I got from you – It said wouldn’t I like to look at that web site??

Little later, grandma

* * *


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