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On Role Models

I like being around people who are better than me. Impressive, aspirational sorts of people. Watching them shows me what’s possible and challenges me to try harder. It’s humbling and motivating both. I like it everywhere, but especially when I’m working out.

It’s my Type A thing, I guess. I can’t very well give up at whatever it is I’m doing when there’s someone alongside me doing something ten times harder. I don’t want to be that ashamed of myself.

It works. Sometimes, though, that inspirational spark can fizzle out.

Being around people who are so far beyond where you, it can begin to feel like they’re from another world. That what they do is impossible for you. That you could never get there. That they’ve always been there and don’t even have to think about it. That that’s all very well for people for whom it comes easy, or who have all the time to devote.

But then you start to find things out.

That they lost half their body weight to get to the shape they’re in.

That they rush to squeeze their workout into a busy day.

That they have to think about every meal, every day.

That they have to consider way bigger deals than you do.

That they face your problems and more. And succeed.

And it’s humbling in a whole new way.


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