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mistaken identity

Mistaken Identity: 861-892

In which Other Mes (Other Me’s? Other Mes? I have punctuation issues) drop out of Human Nutrition, get notes with Nathalie’s new email address in France, from the Fun Run that Other Me donated to, from American Airlines about Other Me’s lost luggage, from Pestana Priority Guest, GO Transit, Zynga, Other Me’s daughter Hailey’s break schedule, an unlatching request for an Other Me iPhone with a SIM card from Orange, owner’s info on Other Me’s Chevy Traverse, a party for the Relief Society, a wine tasting, and a truly foul pizza delivery (three from Domino’s – one “Mighty Meaty,” one with spinach, pepperoni, pineapple, and CORN; and one with sundried tomato, spinach, pineapple, HOT DOG and CORN)

* * * * * *

Email title simply says “For you Sarah.” I have no idea why. I think I’m happy that I don’t.


* * * * * *

From: Fred Pozin
Re: Results of the graduation show

Let me first begin by thanking everyone who participated in the show on Tuesday. Our MC Brian did a terrific job along with the others on the stage and the comedians who came to support the show.

For the 5 comics in the last workshop you came a long way in 8 weeks. Thank you for giving of your time and talent by gracing our stage.
I would like to invite Beth, Jon and Xavier if you’re interested to meet me on Saturday at 3:30 to go over the ground rules for staying on.

To Keva and Sara, I wish both of you the best of luck and hope you will explore open Mic’s around town to further your career if you so desire to stay in comedy.

Ramada Conference Center
The Comedy Zone
3130 Hartley Rd
Jacksonville Florida 32257

* * * * * *
From: Marcia
Re: UWEC nursing requirements

Hi Sarah,

Congratulations on your admission into UWEC’s nursing program!!

I was just reviewing your file to make sure you will have the nursing pre-requisites complete at the time your nursing courses start. You still need to complete Chem 103, Chem 150 and Math 246. You also mentioned that you have completed the CNA course, but still need to take the State test to become certified. Are you taking any of these courses at CVTC this semester? Chem 150 can be taken concurrently with your first semester of nursing courses in the Fall of 2014. It may also be offered in the summer at CVTC or UW Colleges Online. The course number you need at CVTC is 806-186 and at UW Colleges Online is CHE 203.

Please let me know you plan for completing these courses and let me know if you have any questions.

Have a great semester,
Student Services Coordinator
College of Nursing & Health Sciences
University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire
Office: Nursing 127
Phone (715) 836-5515, Fax (715) 836-5003

* * * * * *

From: Tiffani
Re: NTR 150 Drop Request

Hi Sarah,
I received your request for Exception and dropped you from FALL 13 – NTR 150 course.
This means that you only have a few weeks to complete all coursework (Dec. 26).
Your March 22nd Completion date is no longer valid.

Program Specialist
Distance Education & eLearning
Seattle Central Community College

* * * * * *

From: Phil
Re: Scuba

Dear Sarah,

A quick note to say many thanks for Saturday’s scuba refresher dive with Michael. He really enjoyed it and he has got the buzz again for diving.

Tuesday at Crystal Palace sounds great. Michael has exams coming up soon so it may be a few weeks before we can join you there.

He seems really keen to try a dry suit and also dive in either lake or sea. We will be in touch soon to discuss this.

We are getting a new asthma letter which I will forward to you.

Thanks again


Phil Clarke


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