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YWTT: 30 Awesome Traits of Sarah Morgan

This post is part of the You Write the Title series – title submitted by Karen with the subtitle “It’s Not Bragging if I Make You Do It.” It also folds in Spreadsheets and Why I Should Love Them, My Journey in the Kitchen, Why I Am Moving to Orlando, and The One Place Everyone Loves That I Will Never Vacation. Here goes.

  1. I can usually tell how people are feeling.
  2. I can write. It’s one of the things in which I’m most confident. I can also edit. And I can type 90 words a minute.
  3. I am better at online research than just about anybody.
  4. I am well networked. I’d always thought of networking as the hand-shaking cocktail-party cold-open thing I hated. Turns out networking is just making friends with interesting people.
  5. I’m introverted. I think that can be a pretty awesome trait managed properly.
  6. I make good scrambled eggs. Also French toast and pancakes. I’m good at breakfasty things in general.
  7. I am the Christopher Wren of gingerbread houses and the Banksy of sugar cookies.
  8. I think I’m the most flexible person at my CrossFit box. Although, if it is true, only because a couple of gymnasts haven’t been there lately. But still. I’m fairly flexible.
  9. I am up for an adventure. I am the person to know if you want to go someplace random. (The flip side is I’m not that excited about some popular destinations. Beaches can bore me, and I hate Los Angeles.)
  10. I think my hair is pretty. I wish I could make it have more volume, but it’s fine and soft and corkscrews and is usually a nice color thanks to my genius stylist.
  11. My eyes seem to be getting greener as I get older and it probably isn’t noticeable to anyone else but I love it.
  12. I have not yet murdered my cat, and if you know him, you’ll agree that that makes me a profoundly good person.
  13. I give awesome back rubs. Also foot rubs, but only if I like you a lot and you’re wearing clean socks.
  14. I’m good with kids. I am excellent at coloring and Legos, enjoy playgrounds tremendously and, yes, change diapers well.
  15. I’m a good traveller. I fit a lot when I pack, I’m good with maps, I share the armrest, and I don’t mind getting lost. Also I am good at running through airports.
  16. I’m good at getting people to like me. Starting off on the right foot is just being interested, and most people are interesting.
  17. I am honest. Sometimes painfully. Which is why, God bless the people I love, I would never move to Orlando, because it is mountainless and soulless and the grass hurts and you have to wear shorts.
  18. I was a fangirl before there was such a word. Mostly with books, but also with certain TV shows. The things I care about, I care about, and I like knowing a lot about them.
  19. I try to learn about things I don’t like, too. I don’t think it’s intelligent to have opinions about things you don’t understand.
  20. I ask a lot of questions. I think it’s awesome that there’s so much in the world to keep learning about.
  21. I am excellent at organization. Invite me over and ask me to organize your kitchen cabinets. Seriously.
  22. Crap. Thirty is a LOT. That is an observation and not an awesome trait. But here’s how I’ll make it one. I am often amazed by obvious things. Like, last week I realized that Portsmouth is a name for a town at the mouth of a port. I am 36 with advanced degrees and that never before occurred to me.
  23. I am usually sort of ridiculously cheerful. This has been vetted by a famous dude and everything.
  24. I don’t get bored. There’s always something to do.
  25. I’m optimistic. I try to consider the worst and prepare for it, but I think it’s best to assume the best of people.
  26. I’m self-aware. I work hard at it.
  27. I have goals. A lot of them. And I’m always working toward them.
  28. I think I am a decent listener. I know sometimes I get excited, or sometimes I have ideas, but I work hard to shut up and listen.
  29. I go out of my way to do things for my friends. Even when it’s not something I want to do. Like this list. Karen.
  30. And, finally, I can be stubborn. Including when it’s about finishing something I don’t want to do. Like this list. Karen.

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