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First day of work. Had my little Balance bar for lunch – way yummy, incidentally, are the Balance Satisfaction meal bars, and quite healthy also. Doing lots of reading. Trying to get my head around the concept of billable hours.

Missing vacation. Missing the bed with The Boy in it. Missing the SUNSHINE that was ONLY out when I was NOT on vacation. Not being bitter, though. Happy to be employed, happy to be somewhere nice, altogether pretty happy. Love and sunshines to you all.

Just when you thought that you couldn’t handle Uh-Oh Oreos (my new favorite snack food), here’s the kicker – someone wants to make Oreos illegal. Yes. Illegal. Yes. Oreos. I don’t know.

And, because I haven’t hyped other people enough – I’m going for the good karma – check out Doug Rushkoff and Ze Frank. Or, their main sites: Doug and Frank. I have geek crushes on both of them: I lust their brains. Truly.


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