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Favorite Things: January

Snow. We’re getting glorious white piles of snow this winter and I’m loving it.

Friends. Cliched. But true. Old and new both lately. Old, because several old friends have reappeared, and it’s interesting trying to figure out how, and in what ways, and whether you still fit. And new, because, well, when I first started CrossFit and said ‘I hope these people like me half as much as I like them’ I didn’t know what I was in for, but these ridiculous wonderful loons have let me become part of their family and I’m grateful for that daily.

Work. I am loving being a consultant. No joke. Loving it. My clients are brilliant. What I get to work on is fascinating. Business is appearing. And, to be blunt, I’m getting compliments like crazy. Now, it’s not perfect. I don’t have a full-time roster yet. It is challenging and worrisome and there’s plenty that I’m not good at yet. I expect it to get harder. I know this is a honeymoon phase. But cripes, I needed a honeymoon.

Health. I’m waiting impatiently for results to finalize the first of what will be a lifetime of checkups. I’m going back to sparring and jiu jitsu after a year off, and I’m getting a body-fat workup and beginning an eight-week Paleo challenge. It’s gonna be hard as hell and apparently that’s what I need in life. Bring it.

Honesty. There’s lots that I’m not. But what I’ve finally cottoned onto is that the older I get, the more I figure out who I am, what I do like, and what I am good at, and the realizations are, on the whole, phenomenally freeing.

Soundtrack. What I’m loving, and two words about why.


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