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2013: Top 10 Posts

Everybody does lists at the end of the year. It’s irresistible. Let’s just accept it and see what we’ve got.

So how to sum up 2013?

Too fast. There isn’t enough time in any day or any week, never is, but this year was very mixed-up, and then at the end of the year Thanksgiving came late and Christmastime has been jam-packed.

Too slow. I spent a lot of this year trying to be patient. I hope I’m improving – if for no other reason so that I’ll stop being sent all these opportunities to practice.

Too much in my own head. Left to my own devices, I overestimate how badly I’m failing at life. Very much. Very often.

Surprising. I don’t usually get bored in any case, but I didn’t have any chance of it this year. Surprises aren’t the only thing to want out of life. They aren’t always fun.

For all of the good in it, thank you, ducks. And for the rest, well, it’s over. Here’s to a 2014 for all of us that’s full of peaceful moments, new adventures, great memories, and as little sadness and fear as possible.

Now, here you go – these were the top 10 posts of the year, in order, according to you:

  1. Interesting Times (I’m counting the whole series as one thing, because, frankly, enough with that, you feel me?)
  2. Tracy (I love that this is the case. She never could stop being popular.)
  3. Saying Goodbye to the Red Queen
  4. Evolving Backwards
  5. Gratitude Plus
  6. Is Introvert the New Hipster?
  7. Childhood Prejudices
  8. How to Change Anything
  9. Inviting Controversy With a List of Truths
  10. Health 2.0: Health. Care.


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