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Oh All RIGHT Already

I’ve been tagged and tagged and tagged again by the meme that’s taking over the world. So here goes: 25 random things about me.

  1. I have five piercings but don’t like tattoos.
  2. The only time I’ve ever broken a bone was in sixth-grade art class. And I sprained my ankle twice – once in my cubicle and once by getting hit by a school bus. (A bonus of tae kwon do is that now it’s harder to tell whether the bruises are from some impossible-to-believe accident or just from getting kicked. At least nobody asks if I’m in an abusive relationship anymore.)
  3. I will defend New Jersey passionately to anyone who will listen, and most people who won’t.
  4. My eyes are greener on some days than on others.
  5. I love traditions and old stories, old photos and antiques.
  6. My first crush was Davy Jones, and I was horrified when my father told me he wasn’t still the age he was on the Nick at Nite episodes of The Monkees.
  7. I didn’t go to school until fourth grade.
  8. I’ve only danced on a bar once.
  9. I was a Victorian-era Santa’s helper in a hoopskirt dress, hat, and shoes in the Rockaway Townsquare Mall (long after the mall stopped being the kind of place where kids got murdered and got my high-school gymnasium named after them).
  10. I’ve lived in 12 places, if you count by mailing-address changes. But it’s really more: that doesn’t count going back to some more than once, or living with friends. I couldn’t make myself use the word “home” for about a decade, but it finally feels like I’ve made one of my own.
  11. The first time I wore sweatpants was on a ranch when I was seven and it horrified me.
  12. I know every last breath to RENT, but the older I get, the more I sympathize with Benny.
  13. I am completely at ease baking, but befuddled by cooking.
  14. I didn’t get on a plane till I was 21, and now plan to spend my life traveling as much as I possibly can.
  15. I think everyone should be in therapy. Yes, you. Especially you.
  16. I’ve kissed six and a half boys.
  17. I put myself through college and graduate school, I bought my cars and my condo, and, as much as it sounds like a girl-power lyric, I’m fiercely proud of having done all that myself. And it might not make me a good person, but I look down a little on people who haven’t.
  18. I broke off a pencil lead in my foot when I was eight, when my brother and I were chasing around my parents’ bedroom and I jumped off the bed into my father’s briefcase.
  19. I’m legally blind, even before having surgery for a detaching retina. [Edited to add: this is technically wrong, further research reveals. You are legally blind if your vision is 20/200 or less and can’t be corrected. Mine is that bad, but it’s fine corrected with glasses or contacts. Please don’t sue me and my bad eyes for getting that wrong.]
  20. I was paralyzingly shy when I was little, and I credit two things with getting me past it – the secretary who made me run mics in a crowded auditorium, and the Toastmasters adjunct who taught my required public-speaking class.
  21. That said, I sing in the car and in the kitchen, but very rarely in front of anyone.
  22. When I was nine, I taught myself and the girls in my class sign language to outsmart the boys who were stealing our notes.
  23. I make my PB&J’s with peanut butter on both pieces of bread and the jelly in the middle so it’s locked in.
  24. If you can’t make me laugh, I can’t be bothered.
  25. I’m going to second-guess telling you most of this.

Now then, if you’ve read all the way to the bottom, it’s your turn to do some in the comments. Not all 25 unless you’re really feeling it, but I do think at least three facts is only fair, don’t you?


Sarah Morgan

@Meg Yes, I was. And I’m glad you weren’t Greek. 🙂

@Matt I’d believe both halves of it.

Therese O'Donnell

You danced on a bar! Oh my goodness. I love you for #17, cause that is what I did. Still working on the graduate school thing. I am so proud of you!!


9. I can’t confirm, but I’ve heard that the Rockaway Mall has a deal with the Daily Record not to report crimes that happen there to keep business coming in. In return, reporters get free Mrs. Smith cookies.

Ok, I made the second part up but I’m fairly sure that the first part is a reasonably true rumor.

[…] Lest that sound fancy and important and, well, real, let me tell you the rest of the story. It’s about this post. […]

Megan B

Can you please explain #7? Were you home-schooled?

I already did my 25, but I hesitate to defy your request:

1. I have played/dabbled in quite a few musical instruments in my day: piano (lessons from age 6 to 12; picked lessons back up for about a year during high school); various other keyboard/percussion instruments (xylophone, marimba, bells, vibraphone, tympani); french horn/mellophone; viola; and bassoon (for a week). The only instrument I can still play is the piano.

2. I am an ESFJ according to the Meyers-Briggs personality test, and I think it fits me to a T. I’m also a Virgo, and every description I’ve ever read of Virgos has been dead-on for me. Despite all this, I typically do not read my horoscope.

3. I decided not to rush a sorority in college, and was the ONLY girl (literally) on my dorm floor who wasn’t rushing. Somehow, though, I still managed to join a quasi-sorority – my all-female a cappella singing group. It was the best part of my college career, and kinda like a sorority…except without the hazing!! 😉


#23 is GENIUS. I’ve gotta try that. Once PB is safe to eat again 🙂

1. I was raised on my dad’s knucklehead idea of comedy – Marx Brothers, 3 Stooges, etc, and I feel it’s served me quite well.

2. I do not like spicy food.

3. I’ve worn glasses since 10th grade. I always wanted to get them because my mom and my sister had them.

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