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You Write the Title VI

The best things in life happen only once a year. They have anticipation and rarity – two of my favorite things.

The leaves changing. When I was little and “The Wizard of Oz” would air once around my birthday. Unpacking Christmas decorations. That first day in spring when you can smell the world growing. The Perseid meteor showers. When Trident gum is available in Candy Cane flavor. Important things like that.

Excited Peter Pan croc

Well, this is sort of like that. Except less precisely annual and maybe less thrilling. (But that’s up to you.)

Jasmin tiger side eye

It’s that time of year in which you boss me around… and, unusually, I actually listen to you.

Phoebe brand new information


Welcome to You Write the Title V.


Seductive smug greenlanternguy

writer falling over

Tom Hanks clicking

Paul Rudd polite confusion face

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Go for it.

River song blowing kiss

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Time travel , nutter butter cookies , dust bunnies

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